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the buggy moving off down the lane. But he could not be
sure, and now it was too dark to see.

Some little time after he had thought he heard the sound
of the wheels crunching gravel, he saw a figure emerge from
the shadow of the house and move toward him. Even before
it approached the edge of the undergrowth, he was sure, from
some scarcely discernible trick of posture or a momentary im-
pression of a long, gliding gait, that it was Willie Proudfit
Mr. Munn did not move.

Willie Proudfit stopped at the edge of the undergrowth,
and spoke softly: " Perse, Perse,"

"Yes?3' Mr. Munn answered.

"Hit's all right."

Mr. Munn came from the secure darkness of the cedars,
and stood beside the other man.

"Hit's a lady," Willie Proudfit said.

"A lady?"

"Doc MacDonald sent her." He paused. "To see you.
That's what she said."

Mr. Munn turned his eyes from the man beside him to
the house, where light showed at the windows. A sluggish
resentment stirred in him: like the resentment of a person
who in half sleep is disturbed at some aimless, undefined
noise. He passed his tongue over his dry lips, then said, "A

" Mr. Bill Christian's girl," the other man answered. w I
ne'er knowed him but by name."

They moved toward the house. Willie Proudfit was say-
ing: "A feller brung her in a buggy from Ashby's Crossen
over to Thebes, and then brung her out here. But Dellie,
she's make-en her stay the night, and that-air feller's done
gone. L didn't ketch his name. He ne'er come in. I went

out and ast him to git out and come in, but he said, naw,

She stood in the middle of the floor, quietly, giving him
the impression, somehow, that she might have been stand-
ing in that position for a long time. He came in through the